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Thanks to its minimal number of joints and radial installation, Comfofresh allows for rigourous cleaning without risk of disconnecting or misaligning the parts.

The ducting also has a patented, smooth "Clinside" interior which prevents dirt and moisture getting trapped, thereby inhibiting the growth of mould and bacteria.

Independently tested and certified for hygiene, Comfofresh is the perfect choice to maintain the prolonged health of the building and its occupants.


Installation of Comfotubeis a simple repeatable process that requires the minimum of skills yet still ensures a great installation. Ducting is flexible enough to work around joists but no so flexible that you risk creating kinks or sharp bends. The airtight locking system means that no glues or sealants are required on-site.

ComfoTube Semi Rigid Radial Ducting

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Zehnder Comfotube is available in 20m and 50m lengths and comes in either 75mm, 90mm or 110mm diameter sizes.

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