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The Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System provides the ultimate in energy efficient ventilation to ensure your home has a constant supply of healthy, fresh air. With its small upright footprint, it can be placed in the garage or a utility cupboard and is not limited to an in-roof installation.

Mitsubishi VL-CZPVU

SKU: 364215376135191
  • All Mitsubish VL-CZPVU units have a built-in LCD controller with incrimental speed controls allowing for a faster and more accurate commissioning process. The digital display shows any relevant information relating to the current operation of the unit and the speed settings can be manually adjusted at the controller by the user.

    Units have an automatic summer bypass function which allows the airflow to completly bypass the heat exchanger once the outdoor/indoor temperature reaches a certain level. This will prevent any hot air from being recovered in the hotter months.


  • VL250-CZPVU (left/right)  suitable for properties up to 135m2

    VL350-CZPVU (left/right)  suitable for properties up to  175m2

    VL500-CZPVU (left/right)  suitable for properties up to 285m2

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