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The Zehnder ComfoWell  is a modular system consisting optional attenuators, fine grade filters and active carbon filters all integrated for use with a rigid or semi-rigid ductwork approach.The systems compact dimensions ensure good sound absorption and also make it easy to clean. Rigid pipe can be connected to the end plate securely by utilising the gasket seal connection. All other components are fitted using the locking slide connections to form an air tight and robust seal. Noise reduction can be improved by combining two attenuators together. Filters are available in ISO ePM1 >80% (F7) or ISO ePM1 >90% (F9) grade in addition to an odour neutralising active carbon filter.

Zehnder Comfowell Attenuated Manifolds

  • Zehnder Comfowell Manifolds are available in 5 differnt sizes allowing for:

    4,6,8,10,or 12 semi rigid ducting connections

    and 125mm,150mm,160mm,180mm and 200mm rigid ducting connection

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