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The Zehnder ComfoPipe tube system is suitable for use in outdoor and exhaust air as well as supply and extract air. The tube material – extruded polypropylene – is an extremely light, insulated material which is sealed against vapour diffusion. The shaped, triple-seal connector pieces ensure a safe and airtight connection within the tube system. Adhesion of the joint on site is no longer required. The tube system comprises a length element with an overall length of 1,000 mm, a sleeve for connecting shortened tube pieces without a connection profile and a 45° bend. Length markings are indicated on the tube elements to ensure easy installation.

ComfoPipe 1m Pre Insulated Duct

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Zhender ComfoPipe 1m is available in three sizes to meet the system requirments.

    • 125mm
    • 160mm
    • 200mm

    A ComfoPipe plus option is also available to achieve an even higher level of insulation.

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